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Best Fit
Heavy thick lenses can be unseemly and uncomfortable.  Some people even have pain across the brow and upper nose from the weight of the glasses.  This pain can make people feel dizzy and nauseated.  At Envisage we provide you with the most technically advanced lenses which re both light-weight and thin in appearance. 


Looking through a closed window is never as good as looking through an open one.  The surface of the lenses in your glasses can be compared to a closed window.   When we look through glasses we can see the image through the lenses but we can also see the reflections of other images which glasses created. These reflected images can confuse and fatigue the eye.  Non-glare coating is particularly helpful under florescent lights, with computer use and night driving.  These are situations in which eye fatigue is prevalent but can be easily avoided with the proper lens treatment.

Good Vision is Ergonomic
There are times when the way your glasses fit can affect the posture of your body.  For most of us the greater part of the day is spent sitting in front of a computer or dealing with mound of paper work.  The wrong prescription or lens style can adversely affect your posture which can cause headache, neck pain and back pain.  Poor posture can affect your overall energy level in subtle ways.   The overall fatigue and slight headache or back and neck pain which may occur at around 3PM may be because of your glasses are incorrectly fitted.  Progressive lenses which are no-line bifocals can improve posture and eliminate some fatigue and pain due to poor posture from bifocals with-the-line