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Contact Lens Exam

A contact lens evaluation differs from a medical exam of the eye. There are many different types of contact lenses and materials available today. A contact lens prescription is not the same as you eyeglass prescription. Only a professional can determine which type of contact lens is best for you to maintain healthy eyes. Contact lenses are medical devices and serious consideration should be given to their selection and use.

Envisage fits and services all types of contact lenses patients. We specialize in fitting patients that have had difficulty or failure with previous attempts. Consultations and questions can be addressed by our contact lens specialists on a complimentary basis.

Keratometry: A measure of the corneal surface of the eye is necessary to obtain the correct fit. This measure also gives the doctor valuable information about the health of the eye pertaining to contact lens use.

Tear Break up time: An evaluation of the quality and viscosity of tears.

Lens Assessment: Once the correct lens size and material is determined. The doctor will place the lens in your eye, test your vision, and note you comfort.

Insertion and Removal: Our staff will teach you to insert and remove the lens from you eye, as well as proper lens care and cleaning. Proper technique is important for healthy lens wear. You will be asked to insert and remove the lens 3 times before leaving the office with your free trial contact lenses.

Follow up visit: You will be required to come back for a follow up visit one week after the trial lenses are given to you. This visit will determine if the lenses are correct for your eyes. The doctor will look at the surface of the lenses to determine this. You will also report on the comfort of the lenses and the quality of your vision in your daily life. Any changes, if necessary are made at this time.